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Wir sind kfz10.de, das Informationsportal für die Welt der zwei Räder und mehr! Unser Team aus Journalisten und Redakteuren sammelt und teilt täglich die neuesten Nachrichten über Audi, BMW, Mercedes und viele andere Automobilmarken.

Thank you for visiting kfz10.de. We are an informative portal about the world of four wheels! Our team of journalists and editors gather and share the latest news about new car brands daily.
The kfz10.de web portal was founded with one idea – to be the best source for information about combustion engine vehicles and electric cars SUVs, Crossovers, Sedans and other body types. Today, every automaker is striving to keep up with electric SUVs and electric crossovers in the development cycle. We intend to provide timely updates on these vehicles and others as consumers around the world gradually transition to safe and comfortable zero-emission body solutions that are becoming increasingly popular.

Our site loads fairly quickly, and the design is intentionally simple so that the focus is on the information.

The core editorial team responsible for kfz10.de has a combined experience of about 15 years in automotive reporting and tracking the global automotive market. The same team has also successfully created the largest regional automotive content site.

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